Farm Water land
Farm Water land
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IMO Real Estate - Farm Water land
IMO Real Estate - Farm Water land IMO Real Estate - Farm Water land IMO Real Estate - Farm Water land IMO Real Estate - Farm Water land IMO Real Estate - Farm Water land IMO Real Estate - Farm Water land IMO Real Estate - Farm Water land IMO Real Estate - Farm Water land IMO Real Estate - Farm Water land IMO Real Estate - Farm Water land IMO Real Estate - Farm Water land IMO Real Estate - Farm Water land IMO Real Estate - Farm Water land IMO Real Estate - Farm Water land
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   This 5.2 hectare farm is located 1.5 kilometers southeast of the
   fishing village, Boca del Cielo, Tonalá, Chiapas, Mexico.
    It is
   located on an Island, Isla San Marcos. This island forms the
   protection for a saltwater estuary that has an extensive mangove
   forest. The farm was started in 1960, planted with coconuts and
   mangos. The current owner discovered it abandoned in 2006 and started to replant it
   using organic methods. It has a good fresh water supply that comes
   from a shallow well. The main house is built of concrete and cement
   blocks. the original, central part was constructed in 1984. In 2010 he
   enlarged the house and did a seismic upgrade. The roof is covered in
   galvanized sheets. It has a simple gravity feed water system that he
   have started to renew. A 10,000 liter water tower with multiple 1100
   liter service tanks. The main bedroom has a full bathroom. the house
   is situated about 15 meters from the mangrove forest that protects
   the estuary. He classify the house as rustic, the locals call it a
   house of luxury.  There is ample space to build a home closer to the

   In Mexico the Federal Government protects 20 meters of all land
   bordering water courses, in this case it is the Pacific Ocean and the
   saltwater estuary. These areas are called Zona Federal Maritima
   Terreste. The property has a deed, called an  Escritura Publica, the
   strongest protection for private property owners. The deed is
   registered in the land registry in Mexico City as well as the local
   registry office. The deed has the Pacific Ocean and the Estuary
   registered as legal frontages. The owner recently applied to upgrade his
   official plan, this was done using UTM coordinates. With this revised
   plan he applied for and received permission to construct the fence,
   from SEMARNAT. This is the government agency that protects these
   Zonas Federales.

There are two wells, one in use and one in reserve. You can easily
construct another 8 wells if you decide to build a tourist resort. While
planting the farm he was extracting about 2000 liters of water a day with
no problems. The land is in an area  designated for Eco Tourism. About 2
kilometers to the west you encounter some 40 local palapas selling fish
and beer. About 9 kilometers to the east you encounter new restaurants
opening up, one is called Madresal. The owner have maintained the local fauna as
much as possible and also he have reforested the estuary side. The
Mangrove forest is protected from cutting. This farm has 5 boat
entrances and also has a small beach of about 12 meters.

On the Pacific side you encounter an isolated paradise. He have planted
about 220 coconut palms up to the edge of the beach. Outside of the deed
this is called a donation to the nation. He constructed a wooden Palapa
on the edge of the beach as well, this also is public but everyone
respects the privacy of the builder. 25 meters inside of the property he
have constructed two complete bathrooms with showers, a small storage
compartment and a bathroom for employees. There is a large concrete sink
on one side to wash the salt off of the cloths. The bathroom has 2200
liters of fresh water filled from the well that is located near the
estuary. Currently this is filled by a four stroke Honda gas pump. The
vegetation near the beach is mostly grasses,vines and cactus.

He have planted about 800 coconut palms, 40 lemon trees, 40 mango trees,
30 cashew nut trees and various other tropical fruits. The coconuts have
started to produce but another 5 years is required to have a serious
production. The proximity to the tourism facilitates local sales. Oil
production is possible on a small scale utilizing the local market
located in San Cristobal and Tuxtla Gutierrez.

The air is clean, the fresh water is abundant and is is very
peaceful. It is an ideal location for a small scale eco tourism project
or simlpy live in peace and quiet. the local residents are mostly
fisherman in the local shrimp fishery located on the other side of the
peninsula. There you find a massive salt water marsh that goes for more
than 80 kilometers. I have several long term trusted employees that are
eager to continue working if necessary.

The offerer insures indicated the data as largest care to have provided,
however can be taken over for the correctness, completeness and topicality of the data no guarantee.