Bungalow Proximidade à costa
Bungalow Proximidade à costa
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With us a little cottage has just been vacated. Perhaps that would be for you. Therefore we would like to send you a few pictures of the small, quiet house in Sosua / Monte Chelo, which we want to rent directly and long term.

The house is about 90m² large and stands on a separately fenced about 350 m² large area on our property. It has a parking space on the same site for an existing vehicle.
The house has a kitchen, bathroom (shower and toilet), bedroom with double bed and safe, a living and working room (which can also be used as a second bedroom) with PC and ceiling fans, a glazed terrace and a small covered outside terrace.
There is also a small wash house with washing machine and a separate room for the emergency power supply (24h power supply, also solar energy supported) / storage room.
The whole house is designed for the elderly or handicapped.

Connected is a worldwide released fixed line telephone with high speed Internet (20MB / s) via glass fiber cable. So you can also watch international TV right here.
The water supply takes place via our common well so that only the pro rata consumption of electricity is required for the transport and no additional water costs. Hot water connection is via gas flow heater. The pool on the site can be used.

The whole costs 22.000, -RD $ (DOP Dominik. Peso) in the 3 monthly payment cycle, plus ancillary costs (electricity 800, -RD $ monthly) upwards, Propangas (approx. 2500 -RD $ / year), telephone / internet (2,100, -RD $ / month) and rubbish (50, - RD $ / week).

A vehicle can be rented at favorable long-term conditions, if necessary, on the basis of a separate agreement to be reached.

Here maybe our telephone number for possible future appointment: 001 809 571 3919.

Sincerely, from Sosua


Ilona and Andreas

Https://sites.google.com/site/karibikbungalowsosua/ here the house can also be seen in the background from the pool.

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